The anxiety & stress supportive meal plan

Seven days of nourishment

When it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety, have you ever thought that nourishing your body through nutrition can be an effective way to support you, relieve tension and assist your emotional response? Stress and anxiety can play a huge role in the development of illness, impacting how individuals prioritise wellness into their daily routine. Nutrition has an important role in mental health and an eating plan with a focus on key nutrients that are scientifically proven will help manage stress and anxiety.

This meal plan has been designed to provide guidance on the types of foods that can support your emotional health in helping to relieve anxiety and stress.  The plan includes supporting foods like turkey, leafy greens, oats, seeds and nuts and avocado.  Fibre-rich foods like fruit, vegetables and legumes are plentiful in the plan as research tells us this nutrient can essentially calm down brain inflammation which can be high in people with anxiety.

Kale & White Bean Caeser Salad

The downloadable PDF meal plan includes:

  • full-colour seven-day meal plan
  • recipes for three meals and two snacks per day
  • shopping list
  • full nutritional analysis for each meal

Chocolate Zucchini smoothie

The plan also allows for leftover so you don't find yourself cooking for every meal.  This really is a no-stress meal plan.

Coconut Chickpea Curry

If you want to learn about and focus on key nutrients to assist emotions of stress and anxiety, this meal plan provides you with lots of ideas on the types of foods to assist.  The best part of this plan?  The recipes are easy to prepare and delicious.  Over seven days you will learn and discover the types of foods that you can easily include into your whole food eating plan that will have you supporting your health.