The Family Friendly Meal Plan

Supporting family nourishment simply

Feeding a family is not easy.

Feeding a family and staying on top of everyone's health goals is even harder.

Can chicken nuggets, tacos and pizza really be healthy?  Well yes with this meal plan they can!  

We created this seven-day meal plan for busy working humans, to guide and help with those all important nutrition choices for everyone at the table. We get that meal planning for the family can be tricky - this meal plan takes away the thinking.  Simply access the prepared shopping list, get prepping, cook and magic you have meals and snacks planned for the week.

This meal plan includes classic kids foods with a healthier slant - hello pizza, tacos and pasta.  Kids love the Spinach, Tomato and Goat Cheese Pizza included in this plan! It’s fast, super simple to make and you can serve it with a side of salad or cut veggies! There are also some ‘deconstructed meals’ because we know there are some kids out there who like to pick and choose what they want to eat. 

We haven’t forgotten the treats - think Chocolate Cup Cakes with a healthy twist!  The whole family will love these.  They fit nicely into this meal plan, are simple, tasty and nut-free!

The meal plan has been designed so the whole family can be involved in the prepping and cooking process.  And for busy parents, the plan considers time considerations for preparation, is gluten-free and ingredients can be easily found at the grocery store! Essentially this plan adopts right-size meal portions, satisfying nutrition, taste and texture with a variety of foods.