It's time to define your own Menopause journey

Menopause is a completely normal life transition that will impact ALL women. Learn how to holistically thrive and survive through Menopause.

If you are...

  • Experiencing changes that are impacting your focus, concentration and energy levels

  • Losing confidence and always second guessing yourself

  • Feeling like simple tasks are becoming difficult to do

  • Struggling with anxiety, overwhelm and mood swings

  • Losing the satisfaction you get from your career and work

  • Constantly tired and running out of energy

  • Yearning for change but not sure where to even begin

We are here to help you! 

We are two certified coaches in women’s whole health. We have been those same women desiring to live our best life only to end up feeling lost, out of balance and lacking energy due to juggling so many life changes. 

Peri Menopause is one of those critical life stages, that offers so much potential and opportunity but can leave you flat on your face in a flurry of uncertainty and overwhelm. 

We have created Peri Menopause Power to help women be empowered so that they can control the impact of this life and embrace it with all that it has to offer. 

This is your safe space to connect with YOU. This is your safe space of education, life nurturing strategies and most importantly connection and community with other women in the same boat as you.

The potential to live your best life, no matter what life stage is within you. We simply empower you to embrace it.  

Reclaim yourself on the journey through Menopause

You can decide what Menopause looks like and feels like to you.

Supporting yourself through and beyond Menopause is not a one size, cookie cutter approach. We all experience Peri Menopause and Menopause differently. One concept we do not apply to "treating" Menopause is that your symptoms are not there to be "fixed". Rather it is an opportunity to adapt to the changes in your body so you can continue to work and live as you desire.   

This membership program will

  • Help you acknowledge that what you are experiencing is completely natural and normal.

  • Help you see you are not alone in your Peri Menopause journey.

  • Encourage and inspire you to try various ways to support yourself.

  • Give you an area of focus across your whole health to help you in building healthier habits without the overwhelm.

  • Strengthen the relationship with yourself and what you need at any given time.

  • Increase your self confidence, boost your energy and help you embrace your life on your terms.

  • Help fuel your ambitions and desires to perform and live at your best

What will you get?

Our membership program and community is your greatest tool kit in helping you experience and embrace Peri Menopause and Menopause as you desire. You will get access to:

  • A curated membership program with learning, tips, strategies and ideas to support your journey. 
  • A supportive and safe community of women having similar experiences. 
  • Access to weekly classes including nutrition, cooking, yoga, meditation and journaling
  • Monthly LIVE and recorded webinars on a specific topic 
  • On demand learning and education available 24/7
  • Access to two experienced coaches and women's health experts 
  • Easy to implement practices to support a sustainable healthy life style 
  • A path forward to support your health goals with strategies to overcome any obstacles in your way

Are you ready to define your Menopause journey?

This program is for women who...

  • Are aged early 40s to early 50s but women of any age can benefit

  • Thrive on high performance and living an ambitious life

  • Are looking to improve their lifestyle, energy, mood and sleep

  • Want to improve their hormone balance and health

  • Want a safe and supportive community to share their experiences

  • Want complimentary solutions to support their Peri Menopause symptoms

  • This program is not intended to treat any chronic medical condition and is not a replacement for medical attention from a qualified medical professional

Meet the Coaches

Wholistic Health Coaches

Lisa & Nat

Our mission is to empower women to embrace their female physiology to elevate their highest potential for greater confidence, energy and health. We believe that developing your whole health is the cornerstone for your success as a thriving individual in life and at work. We know that when you are healthy in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, you have an increased capacity to live with lasting health, wellbeing and happiness, no matter what life stage you are experiencing. We will help you tune into your body and what you truly need to live the balanced and energised life you desire.


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Cooking Demo Attendee

Thanks so much to Lisa for preparing a fantastic virtual event for our team while we can't get together in person. It was run smoothly, a lot of fun and the food was delicious.

Connect my mind & body

The Female Advantage Client

The holistic approach using nutrition, exercise and mindfulness gave a useful and common sense framework to work from.

Work with Us 1:1

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This complimentary 20 minute coaching session is your opportunity to explore your desires and possible challenges that stand in your way of achieving your health, wellbeing and life goals.