Welcome to Wholistic Wednesday

Wednesdays have now become 

Wholistic Wednesday! 

We are excited! 

We have asked you what questions you would love answered when it comes to your health, life, career and overall well-being. Now it is our turn to answer them for you!

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Course curriculum

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    Wholistic Wednesday

    • Welcome to Wholistic Wednesday

    • How do I create better work life balance?

    • What is the best way to meal plan?

    • Own Your Health Collective Meal Plans

    • How do I manage my time better?

    • Do Diets work?

    • What is a health coach?

    • Why is sleep so important?

    • How do I do everything I want to do?

    • Natalie's personal road to wholistic health


Wholistic Health Coaches

Lisa & Natalie

Hello. We are Lisa and Natalie! Amongst our other professional titles we are believers, movers and shakers in “wholistic” health and well-being. Our mission is to inspire you to reignite the health and wellbeing you are yearning for to have you experience life as only you have been dreaming about - energised, balanced, present and flourishing. Lisa's passion lies in nourishing the physical you and Natalie's focus in your mind and the power of it. Together, our work blends to create wholistic health - starting with you, your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.