Are you feeling like:

  • there is never enough time to do all the things that come with being a woman at home, work and beyond?

  • you are juggling everything and putting everyone else's needs first?

  • You always worry about everything and it's taking its toll on your health, body, mind and soul?

Somewhere along the way you lost yourself. Your vision has been clouded by the endless to-do lists, wearing the different hats, and caught in the busy-ness.

We have been there too, and things can and will get better.
Are you feeling like

Turning it around

In our private member's group, Wholistic Women, you'll learn how to look after you, create space, and do the things that really matter. The membership is jam packed with online training, coaching calls, guest speakers and even cooking demos. A few hours each week and small action will result in positive changes in your life.

  • Fuel your body
    and mind

  • Personal and
    physical growth

  • Improved emotional

  • Warm connection
    and support

Something shifted in me that day

Bree, 45, Melbourne

"I am excited about life and my future again. So thank you for shifting something in me that needed to be shifted".

I would not have been able to feel a sense of gratitude

Theresa, 39

"I would not have been able to feel a sense of gratitude for myself if it wasn’t for your training. Both of you have impacted my life significantly and words cannot express my sincerest gratitude."

Why Join?

  • To improve your health and wellbeing so you can feel amazing.

  • To achieve a new found level of confidence and self-worth.

  • To create harmony in your life so you can enjoy it fully (no regrets).

Don't stay in that unhappy place wishing that there was more to life. You don't have to continue feeling worthy and that you need to keep juggling all the balls. Take this step for you, commit some time to you and let's get you feeling amazing.
Why Join?

Membership Inclusions

  • Easy to understand training modules

  • Support through monthly coaching and masterclasses

  • Access to a community of like-minded women

  • Movement videos for mind-body connection

  • Goal setting and habit creation to bring alive your desires

  • Easy, delicious meal plans that you and your family will love

  • Mindfulness practices to allow you to unwind and let go

  • VIP FB group to ask questions and contribute

  • And so much more (we can't give away our secrets here)

Wholistic with a W?

Is it a spelling mistake? No, absolutely not. 

It is an intentional play on the word "whole". Because this program, our work and focus is on nurturing the "whole" you.

Wholistic simply means that you are taking care of the "whole" person - your energy, your potential, your confidence, your whole well-being. We know and have seen that when women rise up to their "wholeness" that incredible things unfold. 

I didn't have a clue!

Theresa, 39

"Your training has been so informative, insightful and invigorating. I have learnt so much from how to really meal prep, develop better sleeping habits, use self-awareness in my daily routine and redirect my thoughts."

The Brains Behind Wholistic Women

Certified Wellness & Mindset Educator

Natalie Moore

Hi, I am Natalie. I am a woman who wears many hats (wife, mum, business owner) but most importantly a woman who stays true to herself. It hasn't been all smooth sailing, it’s been one wild ride. Truth is, I wouldn't change it for the world. The experience of losing myself, the stress and overwhelm were my life's greatest lessons. They were a wake-up call to my truest self and all that I wanted in life. Those lessons have led me here today to you.

Now, I am here helping women who feel lost (just like I did) and want more from their life. Imagine what you might awaken inside if you created a little space for yourself? I’d love to guide you on this journey to living your best life.

Certified Nutritional Health Educator

Lisa Saunders

And I am Lisa. I was that woman who thought she had to be busy with everything (the corporate job, organising the family calendar and the rest), whilst trying to maintain a healthy body and mind. My clouded vision about who I wanted to be, became clear and I started to make changes in my life. My lifestyle and work now complement where I want to be heading (not work against it) and it provides me with a balance that fills my soul.

I now help women navigate the mixed messages, take control of their lives wholistically (one step at a time) so they can live their healthiest and happiest life.


Create lasting confidence, health and happiness in your life.

Offer ends 30th September 2020

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  • How long do I have access to the program?

    For as long as you choose to keep your membership active. You are not locked into any contract or additional fees, just your ongoing monthly payment.

  • How do I access the program once I join up?

    You will be sent your own login details and a link to the VIP FB group. Can’t wait to see you in there.

  • Can I ask questions and comment in the program?

    Absolutely, we love questions and even your thoughts on the content that is available. We also want to hear about what content you would like to see going forward, so feel free to post that in the group or email us.

Deep down inside, that spark for greater health, passion and life is yearning. And now you are ready to reignite your greatest life.

This is your time to not just simply survive, you are ready to THRIVE!

This is your time

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