Get ready to eat your way to whole health

No more mindlessly grabbing snacks that won’t fill you up.
No more overthinking about what to cook and eat.
Bring peace to your relationship with food and cooking.
Bring awareness to your whole health.

If you find yourself...

  • Opening your fridge and simply choosing the first thing you see.

  • Eating quickly whilst still working.

  • Feeling like you are not being satiated from the food choices you make.

  • Overwhelmed by confusing diet messages.

  • Turning to food at times of high emotions and stress.

  • Feeling unhappy in your own skin.

  • Yearning for change but struggle to make it happen.

Chances are you are not honouring YOU by eating mindfully.

We are two certified coaches, specialising in whole health support. We see and know how a busy lifestyle can unconsciously promote unhealthy food choices. 

We created this program to help you at a time where whole health is more imperative than ever.  

If you are here, chances are you are looking for ways to support your stress levels, your immune system, emotions, mindset and overall health and wellbeing.

We show you a way to mindfully choose healthy food options that will keep you feeling energised, balanced and healthy from head to toe. 

How do you eat your way to whole health?

Eating the right foods is a critical lifestyle factor in supporting your whole health and wellbeing.

One concept that we do not usually consider with nutrition and our way of eating is Mindfulness.     

Together nutrition and mindfulness play an important role in supporting your physical and mental health. Eating Mindfully allows you to nourish your body and create a new relationship with food and its goodness.

This program will

  • Help you to better connect with your body and desires for eating and food.

  • Help you mindfully eat and choose foods that make you feel your best.

  • Help your find out which foods are right for YOU and how different foods affect your body, mood and energy levels.

  • Give you an area of focus each day to help support you in building healthier habits without the overwhelm.

  • Begin and strengthen a meditation and mindfulness practice.

  • Increase your self awareness around emotions and physical cues.

What will you get?

Our program is packed full of strategies, tools, recipes and plans to help you bring the mindful awareness back to your eating.

  • Full colour fourteen-day meal plan, curated for you to use with ease 
  • Complete shopping list and guide for the two week meal plan
  • Easy to prepare recipes that can be interchanged and cater to a four week meal plan.
  • Full nutritional analysis for each recipe
  • Integrate learning as you go by building on the previous day learning
  • Mindfulness Practices aimed at building self awareness around your personal health goals and desires
  • Guided meditation practices that can be used over a long period of time 
  • Easy to implement practices to support a sustainable healthy eating life style 
  • A path forward to support your health goals with strategies to overcome any obstacles in your way
  • Option to upgrade your program to The Female Advantage 28 day program which will support your energy around food, eating, health and wellbeing as it relates to the four phases of your monthly cycle

Are you ready to open your mind to eating mindfully and nourish your body from the inside out?

Meet the Coaches

Wholistic Health Coaches

Lisa & Nat

Our mission is to empower women to embrace their female physiology to elevate their highest potential for greater confidence, energy and health. We believe that developing your whole health is the cornerstone for your success as a thriving individual in life and at work. We know that when you are healthy in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, you have an increased capacity to live with lasting health, wellbeing and happiness, no matter what life stage you are experiencing. We will help you tune into your body and what you truly need to live the balanced and energised life you desire.


"Educational Cooking Event!"

Cooking Demo Attendee

Thanks so much to Lisa for preparing a fantastic virtual event for our team while we can't get together in person. It was run smoothly, a lot of fun and the food was delicious.

Connect my mind & body

The Female Advantage Client

The holistic approach using nutrition, exercise and mindfulness gave a useful and common sense framework to work from.

Work with Us 1:1

Boost Your Health Coaching session

This complimentary 20 minute coaching session is your opportunity to explore your desires and possible challenges that stand in your way of achieving your health, wellbeing and life goals.

Eat Mindfully through your monthly cycles

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    $149.00The Female Advantage

    Learn how to nourish your body more deeply by eating to your monthly cycle.
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